Equal parts K-12 knowledge brokerage and early stage social venture capital shop, we are changing the way educators and emerging education companies collaborate to acquire, process, and share knowledge to improve student outcomes


Photo by Peshkova/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Peshkova/iStock / Getty Images

The Problem

Too many technology companies in K-12 fail to deliver on their promises to address large, complex, institutionalized problems. They lack integration with existing systems, ignore distinct educator workflows, and customer support fails to create the conditions to manage sustainable change. How do we separate truly impactful teams and technologies working on real problems in education?

The Solution

We start with the problem. Through authentic, pro-bono problem solving with school and district leaders, we organically identify areas of high need and under investment. We collaborate with educators at every turn, from thesis development and due diligence to product development. 

Our Beginning

In 2010, after years spent implementing enterprise software in school systems, and working across the country growing school and central office leadership, we made our first investment. The concept was simple - bring the voice of educators and our intimate familiarity with daily operating norms in the K-12 environment to the private and philanthropic investment community. 


“This is sixteen dimensional chess.”

— urban superintendent on managing school system change


Humility as a Service


We maintain a deep appreciation for the political and operating complexity through which innovation must occur in K-12. Contemporary school district executives operate in an environment with high levels of public scrutiny, organizational complexity, unpredictable governance, and political volatility.  

As collaborative problem solvers with our executive network, we maintain a strong pulse on emerging education technologies, conduct due diligence, and curate companies that address the urgent needs they share with us every day.  


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     Our Mission

Red House aspires to serve both school systems and emerging education technology companies by integrating networks and investing in solutions that address urgent challenges in the institutional K-12 market.